Saturday, March 10, 2012

CEF GUYANA Update March 2012

It is almost three years since my last post. Never got cracking on same. The Whitneys were trying to help me, then they got sent to another mission field. What I have been learning a lot is that timing is important and I am in the school of the Holy Spirit with another assignment - learning how to blog.
CEF GY update:
  • Veda Ram - National Director is on sabbatical with some major goals to achieve. After 22 years of full time ministry I am on a one year sabbatical - thanks to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, Sis. Joy O' Jon and others who encouraged me to REST. I am grateful for a national board who agreed with me in faith to take this time off of the routine work to study, focus on family needs, professionally develop my serve as a leader and to physically rest. I started on Sep. 1, 2011 and will return on Sep1.2012
  • March 31 - A take away Breakfast at Hand In Hand Bank at Middlle Street - between Main and Carmichael Sts. Please contact the office - 233-2407 for more info. You can pick up the breakfast and leave your prayer request. A team of intercessors will be praying for you.
  • In March 2011 - some 70 volunteer leaders were installed in the organization, thus making it possible to have bona fide local area boards. The passing year has seen challenges:over-commitment, illness, lack of resources etc.. but some have weathered the storm and remained loyal to the vision of discipling children. Hats off to the many faithfuls. Actually, TODAY, in the city CEFers met for a time of envisioning and refocusing! More on this soon.
  • There is an awakening among young men for the ministry! Pray for a strong mentoring program for our young men who are involved in CEF.
  • Georgetown -Recently Sis. Shelly Adams returned from the USA having completed Children's Ministry Institute in Missouri. She is ready and raring to go. She serves as Intern - Local Area Co-ordinator
  • Missionaries - Pratima Sukrah is back in Guyana to be involved in a Leadership Consultation. She has just raised up three board members in Dominica. After her timid footsteps in 2008 in Belize, Pretty has served in St. Lucia, Grenada and now in Dominica raising up volunteers and leadership for the islands. Like Pratima, Margaret Smith joined the Caribbean ministry last year completing her first stint in St. Kitts and Nevis. Again, God has by His Holy Spirit raised up a still functioning board, Good News Clubs and volunteers. Have "lotsa" stories. Soon!
  • PRAY for me ( Veda Ram) and my family. We are planning to do some witnessing together as a team in our village!

Monday, August 24, 2009